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Leaflet Design for Rutland Dog Walker


Leaflets and flyers are an inexpensive way of advertising your business in your area. You can ask to display them in local businesses, leaflet drop to houses around the area or even contact local distributing companies for them to deliver to residents.

When creating a leaflet or brainstorming a design you have to think of the end customer, ensure you've got enough information about the business or organisation in the text, but also make sure you have enough colour or imagery to draw the eye and engage a reader.

We designed Boo's Walking School's with the owner's favourite colours in mind which add a personal touch. Both colours really compliment each other and work well on a white background and stand out on the page.

We also took their clients into consideration - and their furry four-legged friends! We made sure to include the right about of imagery and graphic to show what the business is and to give the reader an idea of what Boo's Walking School offers as a service.

Our favourite thing to include on a flyer or leaflet is testimonials or review comments and we think it's so important to sell your business in the right way, and what better way to promote and sell your services than to hear from the businesses customers themselves.

If you'd like a flyer or leaflet designing, then get in touch with us today! Email:

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